sture johannesson

...and then began experimenting in expressing myself in conceptual art forms and actions; with posters, graphics, paintings, happenings, performances, media freaking etc. I learned how free art or even a mischief performance aroused archetypal behaviour of the authorities in power, bringing about faces of the Watchmen; the Guardians of the Camp, with censorship, police brutality, and political persecution of dissidents. I believe that art should be well adapted and fused to rock the establishment, opposed to the ruling Party’s desirous ideology production. The notion of ‘entartete kunst’ and its corrupt spirit is still alive in the conglomerated governmental Swedish State Art Control Stations*. Yeah. I recognize that — by experience. I was born in 1935 as an orphan in the eugenics regime and endured the Gulag Archipelago for Children. And survived my childhood...

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Photo: Joachim Wall KvP                    

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